The Michigan Shorthorn Juniors participate in a variety of shows and events each year with the highlight being the Junior Nationals.

Special thanks to the 2022 Sponsors of the Michigan Junior Shorthorn Association.

Hale Farms 

Hidden Drives Cattle Co.

Lakeside Shorthorns 

Little Cedar Cattle Company 

MP Branded 

Narrowbrook Farms 

Neil + Brenda Marshall 

Pease Family Farm 

Sisung Farms 

Stinson Livestock 

Wexvale Farms 

Wild Donkey Boutique 

Junior Members

Anderson, Kylee
Blain, Kendra
Conklin, Isabella
Conklin, Ty
Emelander, Madison
Francisco, Kelsey
Geeseman, McKenna
Horton, Lisa
Kelsey, Ross
Love, Brooklyn
Love, Mariah
Mayer, Haylie
Mishler, Hollie
Mishler, Landrie
Mulder, Bryce
Oleniczak, Kya
Peter, Kelsie
Peter, Taylor
Richie, Teagan
Ritchie, Juliana
Schroeder, Hannah
Taylor, Samantha
Tharp, Mary
Tucker, Colby
Ullon, Lucie